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Years ago, I owned an astronomy shop called Sean’s Astronomy Shop in BattleGround Washington. It was open at night and was housed in a 100 year old church. After being in business for 10 years and having endless nights of observing, helping, and selling astronomy gear, we finally had to close in 2010 because of the recession. 

I have kept this website alive ever since and now have dedicated it to be a place where you can follow along and see what we’ve been up to since the shop.

A sad update: A few months ago, the church building that was Sean’s Astronomy Shop burned to the ground after kids started fires on the property. It was over 114 years old.

Below you will find links to other active pages that include our businesses, Youtube channels, blogs and more.

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Links to all Our Sites, Pages and Businesses

League Estates

IDEA Engineering


Sean’s Author Page

Astro Products

What I learned today Blog

IDEA’s Youtube


League Estates Youtube


My Cousin’s FiveBoyz Site


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